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My Portfolio 

Delta College Social Media Internship

Mustangs in the Outfield 

Final_Poster_ Makyna_Gallinger

In the Summer and Fall of 2022, I interned with San Joaquin Delta College Digital Media, where I contributed to enrollment campaigns and produced a podcast for the Mayor of Stockton. I also worked on diverse projects involving video, audio, and social media, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the digital media landscape.

I had the honor of joining the San Joaquin Delta College Digital Media team as they collaborated with the Stockton Ports to organize an enrollment event.

More from Digital Media Internship

209 Talks w/ Mayor Lincoln 

Approached by Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln, I collaborated with a skilled Digital Media team to produce a podcast titled "209 Talk." Here are a few pieces I crafted before the conclusion of the internship.

209 Talk black_yellow
209 Talks Screen.png

Pitches & Production Day Agenda 

I had the honor and privilege of developing visual slideshow presentations for various stages of the podcast, including the pitch, production day agendas, and the official presentation on the day of the final pitch. Please refer to the attached PDFs for examples of these creations.

Branding for Various Accounts

I'm frequently asked, "How do you assist complete strangers in branding their businesses?" My approach is straightforward: I pose a single question — "What are five colors in your wardrobe?" — and we build from there! Embrace your flaws, imperfections, and quirks as unique elements that contribute to your distinctive brand identity.

Golden_R_Ranch - Style & Brand Guide.png

Social Media Management 

I'm dedicated to supporting busy entrepreneurs in strategically planning, creating, and managing their online presence. My goal is to witness your brand shine brightly in the digital world.

Website Designs 

After years of honing my craft and weaving digital dreams, I am excited to showcase my expertise in website design. My approach goes beyond aesthetics; I specialize in crafting intuitive and user-friendly websites that not only captivate visitors but also deliver seamless navigation and functionality. From responsive layouts to engaging content, I strive to create digital spaces that not only reflect your brand identity but also enhance user experiences.

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